Colorado Shotgun Territorial: High Country Hideaway, Kremling Colorado July 13-17, 2016

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    The sixth High Country Hideaway will be held July 13-17, 2016 at the Blue Valley Sportsman's Club near Kremmling, Colorado.   Shooting starts on Wednesday goes through Sunday. Trap an skeet will be shot until approximately 5 pm each day.  Five stand will be shot on the evenings. 

  Blue Valley Sportsman's Club.

    The High Country Hideaway will be held at the Blue Valley Sportsman's Club which s located 27 miles north of Silverthorne  and 11 miles south of Kremmling at Mile Post 128.1 on Colorado Hwy 9 . The Blue Valley Sportsman's Club has three trap ranges, two of which are overlaid with skeet fields and one overlaid with a 5 stand setup. 

Camping and Lodging.

    The Blue Valley Sportsman's Range is approximately five miles from Green Mountain Reservoir which sits at the foot of the spectacular Eagles Nest Wilderness Area.  There are several campgrounds maintained by the US Forest Service at or near Green Mountain Reservoir all of which are any easy drive to the Blue Valley Sportsman's Range. A full service RV Park is located in Kremling, Colorado.  In addition, there are many hotels located in both Silverthorne and Kremling Colorado.  

About the Event Location.

   With all due respect to the venues for the other muzzleloading shotgun events, the High Country Hideaway event has the
most spectacular location.  
As the name implies, the Blue Valley Sportsman's club is located in the Blue River Valley.  For those of you who are not familiar with this part of Colorado, the Blue River flows north out of Dillon Reservoir and is a classic mountain trout stream sweeping through stands of conifers, aspen, and cottonwood trees and meadows sprinkled with wildflowers and sagebrush. The Blue River runs along the eastern side of the Gore Range which known for its the serrated peaks, knife-edged ridges, valleys, forests and waterfalls. The Gore Range's highest peak is 13,534-foot Mount Powell, named for famed explorer John Wesley Powell, who made the first recorded ascent in 1868. 

    The town of Silverthorne is approximately 27 miles form the Blue Valley Shooting Range.  Silverthorne is a destination for skiers during the winter time, as it is near the ski 
areas of Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain.  During the summer, one the town's biggest draws is the "Outlets at Silverthorne", featuring a multiplex of over 70 name-brand stores and deep discounts.

    The town of Kremmling is a rural western community located approximately 11 miles 
from the Blue Valley Sportsman's Range.   The small town of Kremmling offers access to virtually every outdoor pursuit in Colorado. It is close to three national forests: Routt, Arapaho and White River. The Blue River, the Colorado River and Muddy Creek all pass through town, 
too, offering both whitewater adventures and excellent fishing spots.  The Kremmling area also boast some of the best elk hunting in the State.

    The are many fishing, hiking and site seeing opportunities in the immediate area of the Blue Valley Sportsman's Range.  The forbidding topography of the Gore range presents a significant obstacle to travel and makes the area one of the untouched areas of the State. Most trails dead-end in high valleys, often beside jewel-like alpine lakes. Only two trails cross the Gore Range, one each at the north and south ends of the wilderness, leaving the craggy core wild and empty. This is an area more vertical than horizontal, with sheer rock faces, keen-edged ridges, deep valleys, jagged peaks, and dense forests lower down. Foot travel can be strenuous. However, there are also several less strenuous trail options.  For example
,  the Lower Cataract Lake trail located on the edge of the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area is a family friendly hike. Cataract Falls are visible from many spots along the trail which is about 2 miles long and minimal incline. The summer wildflowers should be breathtaking during July.

Lower Cataract Lake and Cataract Falls  (approximately 10 miles from the Blue Valley Sportsman's Range.)  Lower Cataract Lake is within the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area; which means that the area is roadless and vehicles are prohibited.  However, parking is only approximately 1/2 mile from the lake. 


2012 results:

                                        Trap Matches
  • Mens Open 10 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Andy Larson-20 2nd  Dave Yeubanks -20  3rd Jerry Knight-19          
  • Mens Open 16 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Dave yeubanks-19 2nd  Andy Larson19  3rd Will Elliott-18            
  • Mens Open 20 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Andy Larson,20 2nd  Dave Yeubanks,17  3rd Johny Middlebrook-17
  • Womens Open 10 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Yvonne Knight-18 2nd  Kathy Elliott-18  3rd Linda Yeubanks-14 
  • Womens Open 16 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Yvonne Knight-16 2nd Kathy Elliott-16  3rd Linda Yeubanks-13       
  • Womens Open 20 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Kathy Elliott-16 2nd  Linda Yeubanks-12  

Mens Hideaway Championships
  • 10 yd 30 shot Non Reentry   1st Andy Larson-30 2nd  Will Elliott-28  3rd Jerry Knight-27
  • 16 yd 30 shot Non Reentry    1st Andy Larson-30 2nd  Will Elliott-27 3rd Jerry Knight-25
  • 20 yd 30 shot Non Reentry    1st Andy Larson-29 2nd  Will Elliott-28  3rd Jerry Knight-28
  • High overall aggregate   matches 38,39,40     Andy Larson-89
Womens Hideaway Championships
  • 10 yd 30 shot Non Reentry   1st Yvonne Knight-29 2nd  Kathy Elliott-28  3rd Sharon Dyer-23
  • 16 yd 30 shot Non Reentry   1st  Kathy Elliott-24 2nd  Yvonne Knight-21  3rd  Gwen Middlebrook-16
  • 20 yd 30 shot Non Reentry    1st Kathy Elliott-23  2nd  Yvonne Knight-17  3rd  Sharon Dyer-16
  • High overall aggregate  Matches 41,42,43    Kathy Elliott- 75
  • Senior  10 yd 20 shot Reentry 1st Jerry Knight-19 2nd  Steve Case19  3rd Dave Yeubanks-18
  • Senior 16 yd   20 shot Reentry 1st Dave Yeubanks-18 2nd   Steve Case-18  3rd Jerry Knight-16
  • Flint 10 yd  20 shot  Reentry 1st Andy Larson-19  2nd  Steve Case-13  3rdEstill Ator-12
  • Flint 16 yd  20 shot  Reentry      1st Andy Larson-18  2nd  Steve Case-11  3rd  Estill Ator-8     
  • Original Gun 10 yd 20 shot Reentry   1st Aaron Hart-19  2nd  Will Elliott-17 3rd Estill Ator-16     
  • Traditional Gun 16 Yd 20 shot Reentry1st Dave Yeubanks-19   2nd Steve Case-19 3rd Will Elliott-18       
  • Shoot til you miss 16 Yd     Reentry  1st John Culwell-1   2nd Steve Case-1
NMLRA  Trap Territorials
Mens  Aggreg J               
  • 1st Andy Larson-39 2nd  Dave Yeubanks-37  3rd Jerry Knight-37
  • 10 yd 15shot  Non Reentry 1st Andy Larson-15  2nd  Dave Yeubanks-14 3r Jerry Knight-14            
  • 16 yd 15 shot  Non Reentry 1st Dave Yeubanks-15  2nd  Andy Larson-14  3rdJerry Knight-13
  • 20 yd 10 shot  Non Reentry 1st Andy Larson-10 2nd  Jerry Knight-10  3rd Steve Case-10  4th D.Y. -8  
Womens Aggreg   S 1st Linda Yeubanks-26
  • 10 yd  15shot  Non Reentry 1stLinda Yeubanks-13
  • 16 yd  15 shot Non Reentry 1st Linda Yeubanks-9
  • 20 yd  10 shot Non Reentry 1st Linda Yeubanks-4
Flintlock Aggreg AA              1st Andy Larson-29  2nd  Steve Case-21    3rd    Estill Ator-10
  • 10 yd 15shot  Non Reentry      1st Andy Larson-15 2nd   Steve Case-12   3rd Estill Ator-4
  • 16 yd 15 shot Non Reentry     1st Andy Larson-14  2nd  Steve Case-9    3rd Estill Ator-6
                            Skeet Matches 
  • Mens singles 16 shot Reentry  1st Jim Tucker-16 2nd Sam Gladden-16  3rd  Peter Lucas-15  
  • Low Gun 16 shot Reentry  1st Sam Gladden-15  2nd Rod Gates-14   3rd Jim Tucker-12
  • Doubles 14 shot Reentry 1st Jim Tucker-13 2nd Kim Davis-12  3rd  Peter Lucas-12  
  • Aggregate S/D 30 shot  Reentry  1st Sam Gladden-29  2nd Rady Dyer-27 3rd  Jim Tucker-26
  • Womens singles 16 shot Reentry 1st Sommer Tucker-13  2nd Linda Yeubanks-10   3rd Joyce Gladden-7
  • Seniors 16 shot Reentry 1st Jim Tucker-16  2nd John Culwell-15  3rd  Kim Davis-15
  • Flint  16 shot Reentry 1st Jim Tucker-14   2nd Estill Ator-9   3rd  Sommer  Tucker-7
  • Original gun  16 shot Reentry  1st  Sam Gladden-15    2nd Jim Tucker-14  3rd  Sommer Tucker-12

Hideaway Skeet  Championships
  • Men 25 shot Non reentry  1st Jim Tucker-24  2nd Peter Lucas-23  3rd  Rady Dyer-22  
  • Women 25 shot  Non reentry1st Sommer Tucker-17 2nd  Joyce Gladden-5 
  • Low Gun 25 shot  Non reentry 1st Sam Gladden-21   2nd Jim Tucker-20  3rd  Rod Gates-20
  • Doubles 24 shot  Non reentry 1st Rady Dyer-22   2nd Jim Tucker-19 3rd  Sam Gladden-17
  • Seniors 25 shot  Non reentry1st Jim Tucker-21  2nd Sam Gladden-20  3rd  Kim Davis-18
  • Flint 16 shot  Non reentry 1st Jim Tucker-15  2nd Estill Ator-7  3rd  Andy Larson-6
  • Original Gun 25 shot  Non reentry 1st  Rady Dyer-23  2nd Jim Tucker-22   3rd  Will Elliott-16
  • Skeet HOA  Jim Tucker- 63            
  • Womens Skeet HOA Sommer Tucker-

NMLRA Skeet Territorial 
  • 1st  Jim Tucker-67   2nd Rady Dyer-65  3rd  Sam  Gladden-62
  • 25 shot  Nonreentry 1st  Rady Dyer-23   2nd Sam Gladden-22 3rd Jim Tucker-17  
  • Low gun  25 shot  Nonreentry 1st Jim Tucker-23    2nd Sam Gladden-19  3rd  Rady Dyer-18  
  • Comb sing/double 30 shot   Nonreentry 1st Jim Tucker-27  2nd Rady Dyer-24  3rd Sam Gladden-21

Womens  Z
  • 16 shot Nonreentry  1st  Sommer Tucker-13   2nd Linda Yeubanks-7  3rd Joyce Gladden-6

Flintlock BB
  • 16 shot Nonreentry1st Jim Tucker-14  2nd Estil Ator-8  3rd  Sommer Tucker-2

  •   20 shot    Reentry 1st Rady Dyer-14  Will Elliott-13   3rd  Jim Tucker-13  




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