Colorado State Muzzle Loaders Association, Memorial Day Shoot; Memorial Day Weekend, 2016; Florence, CO

posted May 19, 2010, 3:33 PM by Peter Lucas   [ updated May 29, 2016, 6:47 PM ]
    This is an annual event held at Florance Mountain Park, located at the foot of the "Wet Mountains" west of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
This is truly a beautiful location for a muzzle loading event. The Wet Mountains are a small range of mountains in southern Colorado named for the amount of snow they receive in the winter. They are also called the Sierra Mojadas. The tallest mountain in the range is known as the Greenhorn, which has multiple peaks, the highest of which reaches 12,346 feet. Greenhorn Peak, St Charles Peak and North Peak all go above tree line. 

  Muzzle loading trap events are held all three days at the shoot.  Events are shot at 10, 16 and 20 yards.  A special event is held each
year for junior shooter.  For the price of $1 per round, all shooters 12 and under shooters are able to shot a round
of 15 birds from the 10 yard line with a gun donated by one of the CSMLA members.  The $1 fee includes both the birds and the necessary power, shot, wads and caps. The best part is that the junior which shoots the highest score over the three days wins the gun.  The 2010 shotgun was donated by Dustin Parker, who is pictured on the left with one of the junior shooters. 

    The CSMLA Memorial Day Shoot also includes events for muzzle loading rifles, pistols, throwing knives and tomahawks. Florance Mountain Park is also the site for the Colorado State Muzzleloader Shoot.  However, there are no muzzle loading shotgun events at the State Shoot.

    Pictures from the 2010 Memorial Day Shoot can be found in the Gallery Section

Florance Mountain Park