Alabama State Muzzle Loading Shotgun Championship November, 2013 Results

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                                                Match Results for the 2013 ASMLA Shotgun Championships

Here are a few interesting facts concerning this year’s championships: 

1.      There were 27 shooters from seven different states competing in this year’s championships.  

2.      There were 3725 clay targets thrown (A new record).

3.      One perfect score was fired in the Low Gun Championship.

4.      Two people managed to fire a perfect score in the re-entry skeet matches.

5.      One perfect score was fired in the 16 yard trap match.

•         One of the highlights of the shoot came when all the competitors got to shoot Charles Martin’s hat after he fired his first perfect score in low gun.  His hat bravely faced the firing squad without exhibiting emotion and died an honorable death.  Sam Gladden had the sad duty of administering the coup de grace; he assured all the competitors that there was no life left in the hat when he did the deed.

•         Jack Stoner and Larry Hutcherson were the two shooters firing a perfect score in re-entry skeet, forcing a shoot off that was decided when Larry Hutchison missed with his first shot. (Gerald Bridges said “Hutcherson must have attended the Larry Reynolds school of shoot-off”.) 

•         John Cleveland was forced to relinquish his death grip on the Trap Wounded Bird Award when Jack Stoner set a new record low score of 12 in the Trap Championship.

 •         David Yeubanks showed the trap shooters how things are supposed to be done when he fired a perfect score in the 16 yard trap match.  We did not get to shoot his hat as David has shot more straights than Linda Yeubanks has cats.

The weather for the match could not have been better.  There was a light rain that moved through the area Thursday night but it did not hamper the shooting in any way.  The temperatures were just low enough to make a long sleeved shirt or a light jacket feel good.  This may have contributed to the large number of matches shot.  

 There were two new shooters at the match this year, Fred and Kathy Alford.  They made the trip from Coffeyville, Kansas. They both did some good shooting and took home awards. 

 Now for the match results:

Match 1, Skeet – 1st Jack Stoner 24X25, 2nd Joe Brown 24X25, 3rd Charles Martin 23X25

Match 2, Low Gun – 1st Charles Martin 25X25, 2nd Jack Stoner 24X25, 3rd Joe Brown 23X25

Match 3, Doubles – 1st John Kemple 19X24, 2nd Rady Dyer 18X24, 3rd Jack Stoner 18X24

Skeet High Over All – Jack Stoner 66X74

 Match 4, Skeet Re-Entry – 1st Jack Stoner 16X16, 2nd Larry Hutcherson 16X15, 3rd Mike Garrison 15X 16

Match 5, Skeet Flint – 1st Joe Brown 10X16, 2nd John Kemple 9X16, 3rd Adina Cloud 6X16

Match 6, Vintage Gun – 1st jack Stoner 23X25, 2nd Larry Hutcherson 23X25, 3rd Joe Brown 22X25

Match 7, Ladies Skeet – 1st Adina Cloud 8X16, 2nd Yvonne Knight 8X16, Kathy Alford 8X16

Match 8, Super Senior – 1st Jerry knight 14, 2nd Jack Stoner 12x16, 3rd Fred Alford 11X 16

Match 9, 16 Yard  Re-Entry – 1st Jerry Knight 14X16, 2nd David yeubanks 13X16, 3rd jack Stoner 13X16

Match 10, Ladies Trap – 1st Yvonne Knight 29X40, 2nd, Linda Yeubanks 24X40, 3rd Adina Cloud 8X40

Match 11, Trap – 1st David Yeubanks 38X40, 2nd Steve Case 29X40, 3rd Fred Alford 28X40

Match 12, Flint Trap – 1st Eddie May 7X15, 2nd Steve Case 5X15, 3rd Adina Cloud 2X15

Match 13, Trap 10 Yard Re-Entry – 1st Jerry Knight 14X15, 2nd Steve Case 14X15, 3rd Jack Stoner 13X15

Ladies High Skeet Trap Combined – Yvonne Knight

Men’s High Skeet Trap Combined – Fred Alford

Skeet Wounded Bird – John Cleveland 38X74 (Record High for this Award)

Trap Wounded Bird – Jack Stoner 12X40 (Record Low for this Award)

 November 1-4, 2012  RESULTS

 Shoot results for the 2012 ASMLA Shotgun Championships 

Here are a few interesting facts concerning the shoot: 

There were eight states represented at the shoot.  There were 3592 birds thrown, the shooters broke 2233 of those birds.  This was the first year we had a flint match for skeet and trap so Eddie May holds the record in trap with a 12X15 while Joe Brown sets the first record score in skeet with a 15X16.    Sam Gladden set a new record in the Skeet Championship firing a 65X74.  We sold the most re-entry matches ever, 56 trap and 51 skeet.  There was 25 pounds of catfish consumed Saturday, a new record. 

We had five new faces to participate in the match this year, Dave Mason, Steve Case, John Kemple, Adina Cloud and Rady Dyer.  Thanks for attending guys.

We want to thank Linda, Yvonne, Ruby and Angie who helped Joyce with registration and were a great help to the cooks in serving the food.  We hope everyone enjoyed the match. We certainly enjoyed having each of you in attendance.

Please put the first weekend of May on your calendar as we are planning to host the NMLRA Territorial Shotgun matches.

Now for the match results:  

Trap Championship – 1st David Yeubanks, 34; 2nd Pat Tierney, 31; 3rd Nick Maas, 27.

Ladies Trap – 1st Yvonne Knight, 20; 2nd Linda Yeubanks, 17; 3rd Jeannine Marchesseau, 15

Flint Trap – 1st Eddie May, 12; 2nd Steve Case, 10; 3rd Joe Brown, 7

Trap Re-Entry – 1st Jerry Knight, 14; 2nd Jack Stoner, 14; 3rd Nick Maas, 11

 Skeet Championship – 1st Sam Gladden, 65; 2nd John Kemple, 62; 3rd Rod Gates, 58

 Skeet – 1st Jack Stoner, 23; 2nd Sam Gladden, 22; 3rd Rady Dyer, 21 

 Low Gun Skeet – 1st Dave Mason, 23; 2nd Sam Gladden, 21; 3rd John Kemple, 21

 Skeet Doubles – 1st Sam Gladden, 22; 2nd John Kemple, 20; 3rd Rod Gates, 19

 Skeet Re-Entry – 1st Pat Tierney, 16; 2nd Jack Stoner, 14; 3rd Nick Maas, 11

 Skeet Flint – 1st Joe Brown, 15; 2nd John Kemple, 11; 3rd Steve Case, 8

 Skeet Vintage Gun – 1st Jack Stoner, 23; 2nd Rady Dyer, 22; 3rd Pat Tierney 22

 Ladies Skeet – 1st Linda Yeubanks, 7; 2nd Adina Cloud, 7; 3rd Yvonne Knight, 7 

 Super Senior – 1st Pat Tierney, 14; 2nd Nick Maas, 14

2011 Results

The 2011 Alabama State Muzzle Loading Shotgun Championships were held November 3-6 and were a success by any measure.  The total number of participants was 27, a new record for the ASMLA.  There were 2820 targets thrown, this also set a new record for the most birds thrown during the State Championships. There were nine states represented also a new record.

 Charles Martin, Gerald Bridges, David Jones, Larry Reynolds, Don Holley, Shirley Henry and Sam Gladden did a great job of getting the range in shape and ready for the shoot.  It was as manicured as a golf course and looked great.  But the most comments about the range concerned the newly renovated restroom which was appreciated by everyone.

 There were several new faces in attendance.  Wayne and Linda Lollis as well as Roger and Pat Fowler made the trip from Iowa Park, Texas.  Mike and Betty Garrison from Louisiana, MO were also new participants at the match as were Jack and Angie Stoner from Indiana.

 A big thank you goes to Don Holley and Sam Gladden for exhibiting their collections of original English muzzle loading shotguns on Saturday evening after the close of shooting.  It was truly a privilege to view their collections and they were gracious enough to allow anyone who asked, to handle the guns and photograph them.  This side activity was open to participants in the match only and was one of the highlights of the match.  It was best described by Larry Hutcherson who, after viewing the collections, said “Wow, now that was one big pile of pretty!”

 A special thank you goes to Linda Yeubanks and Yvonne Knight who volunteered their time to help serve lunch each day and to help Joyce Gladden with the record keeping.  On behalf of the shotgun committee:  Thank you ladies!

 Now for the match results:

 Match 1 Skeet 25 birds: 1st Charles Martin – 22, 2nd  Mike Garrison – 21, 3rd Joe Brown – 21

 Match 2 Low Gun:  1st Pat Tierney – 21, 2nd Joe Brown – 20, 3rd Larry Reynolds – 20

 Match 3 Doubles:  1st Jack Stoner – 22, 2nd Larry Reynolds – 20, 3rd Gerald Bridges – 20

 State Skeet Champion: Larry Reynolds – 59, 2nd Gerald Bridges – 57, 3rd Rod Gates – 57

 Match 4 Skeet Singles Re-Entry: 1st Pat Tierney – 16, 2nd Joe Brown – 15, 3rd Wayne Lollis – 15

 Match 5 Skeet Shoot until You Miss:  Pat Tierney – 100 pounds of shot

 Match 6 Larry Marchesseau Vintage Gun: 1st Larry Hutcherson – 25, 2nd Joe Brown – 25, 3rd Pat        Tierney – 23

 Match 7 Ladies Skeet: 1st Linda Yeubanks – 11, 2nd Yvonne Knight – 4, Linda Lollis – 4

 Match 8 Super Senior: 1st   Nick Maas – 16, 2nd Pat Tierney – 14, 3rd Shirley Henry – 11

Match 9 Trap 16 Yard Re-Entry: 1st David Yeubanks – 13, 2nd Joe Brown – 13, 3rd Eddie May – 12

 Match 10 Ladies Trap:  1st Linda Yeubanks – 22, 2nd Yvonne Knight - 15

 Match 11 Trap:  1st Nick Maas – 28, 2nd Joe Brown – 27, 3rd David Yeubanks – 27

 Shoot Until You Miss Trap:  Pat Tierney - 100 pounds of shot

 Most Birds Broken Trap and Skeet Combined: Nick Maas – 82

 Most Birds Broken Trap and Skeet Combined Women:  Linda Yeubanks 33

 This year the “Wounded Bird” award in both trap and skeet went to John Cleveland.  We have all been there John.

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