Alabama State Muzzle Loading Shotgun Territorials: April 30, May 3, 2015

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Hosted by the

Alabama State Muzzle Loading Association

April 30-May 3, 2015

Location: The Charcoal Pit LLC, 18414 AL Hwy 22, Clanton, AL


AGG I:  Skeet Championship Total of matches I32A, I32B, I32C, I32D


I32A          Skeet           25 Birds

I32B          Lo-Gun       25 Birds

I32C          Doubles      14 Birds

I32D          Singles       16 Birds 


AGG J:  Trap Championship Total of matches J33, J34, J35


J33             10 Yards         15 Birds 

J34             16 Yards         15 Birds 

J35             20 Yards         10 Birds 


AGG S:  Ladies Trap Championship Total of matches S66, S67, S68


S66             10 Yards         15 Birds 

S67             16 Yards         15 Birds 

S68             20 Yards         10 Birds 


AGG Z:   Ladies Skeet Championship

 Z91             Singles       16 Birds


AGG AA:  Flintlock Trap Total of matches AA92, AA93


AA92           10 Yards         15 Birds

AA93           16 Yards         15 Birds


AGG BB:  Flintlock Skeet Championship


BB94            Singles            16 Birds

  Break open muzzle loading shotguns are allowed in AGG I, AGG J, AGG and AGG Z.  See rule # 2470 in NMLRA Rules and Regulations.

 Vintage Gun Match, one round of skeet, 25 birds, singles from stations 1-8 doubles from stations 1,2,6,7 option shot from station of first miss or if straight from the station of the shooters choosing.  (For the purposes of this match “Vintage Gun” is defined as any safe side by side breech loading shotgun that has exposed hammers or any safe side by side breech loading shotgun equipped with Damascus barrels.  Shells used in this match are not required to be loaded with black powder.)  This match is also open to original muzzle loading shotguns as defined in rule 8240 of the NMLRA Rules and Regulations Handbook.  This is not a NMLRA sponsored match.  Money will be awarded for prizes.

 Re-entry Sporting Clays, 20 birds, open to muzzle loading or vintage shotguns.   This match may be fired Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

 Re-entry Trap 10 Yards, 15 birds, 2 birds at each station followed by 1 bird at each station. This match may be fired on Thursday or Friday only between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  (This match is open to muzzle loading, and vintage shotguns. See vintage gun description.)

 Re-entry Trap 16 Yards, 15 birds, 2 birds at each station followed by 1 bird at each station. This match may be fired on Thursday or Friday only between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  (This match is open to muzzle loading, and vintage shotguns. See vintage gun description.)

 Practice Trap 15 birds.

 Re-entry Skeet Singles, 16 birds fired from stations 1-8. This match may be fired on Saturday or Sunday only. (This match is open to muzzle loading, and vintage shotguns. See Vintage gun description)

 Practice Skeet 16 birds.

 Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays Re-entry:  Money awards to first, second and third place finishers in each category based on highest score fired in one round. Ties will be broken by string beginning with the first shot.

 The match schedule for Trap and Skeet is as follows:

Thursday- 8:00 AM Range and Registration opens for trap and sporting clays only.  Range closes at 5:00 PM

 Friday- 8:00 AM Range and Registration opens for trap and sporting clays only.  The range will close for trap shoot-offs at 4:00 PM. Competitors should time there shooting accordingly.  Ties will be shot off at 4:00 PM (earlier if everyone finishes before 4:00 PM).

 Saturday- 8:00 AM Range and Registration opens for skeet and sporting clays only.  Range closes at 5:00 PM.                                                 

Sunday- 8:00 AM Range and Registration opens for skeet only.  The range will close at 4:00 PM; competitors should time their shooting accordingly.  Ties will be shot off at 4:00 PM (earlier if everyone finishes before 4:00 PM). Trap, skeet and sporting clays awards to follow shoot-offs.

 You must present a current membership to one of the following organizations NMLRA, NRA, NSSA, ACWSA, CBA, BAR, SASS, or a junior membership card to register as a member.  Non-Members may shoot, but will be required to pay an increased registration and aggregate fees.   Membership in the NMLRA can be purchased at registration.   

 Registration:  $8.00 (per single) Or $13.00 (per family) for Members                   

                        $12.00 (per single) or $18.00 (per family) for Non-Members

 Aggregate Fee is as follows:

                                            Members                NON_MEMBES

AGG I Skeet                        $25.00                    $29.00

AGG J Trap                         $17.00                    $21.00

AGG S Ladies Trap             $17.00                    $21.00

AGG Z Ladies Skeet           $13.00                    $19.00

AGG AA Flintlock Trap     $16.00                $20.00

AGG BB Flintlock Skeet    $13.00                    $19.00

Vintage Match $12.00


Skeet Re-entry Fee                           Trap Re-entry Fee               Sporting Clays Re-entry Fee

16 Bird Singles $7.00                        15 Bird 10 Yards $7.00          20 Birds $8.00

16 Bird Practice $5.00                       15 Bird 16 Yards $7.00

                                                          15 Bird Practice $5.00

 All competitors will fire in rotation.  All muzzle loading guns must be carried with the muzzle above the shooters head when moving between the loading bench and the firing station.  No gun is to be capped or primed until the shooter is on the firing station.  Breech loading guns must be broken open at all times when not on station and no shells may be placed in the breech until the shooter is on the firing station.  Matches must be completed the day they are begun.

 The range is located approximately 5 miles west of Clanton, Alabama on AL Hwy 22. 

For more information contact:   Joyce Gladden (205) 755-0610, Gerald Bridges (334) 272-8477

 Listed below are several hotels and their phone numbers all of the hotels are within 8 miles of the range.  You will get a better rate if you book for more than one night and are an AARP or AAA member.  I also suggest you check their on line rates as they may be lower if you book on line.

 Best Western 205 208-1006

Days Inn 205 755-2420

Key West Inn 205 755-8500

Holiday Inn Express 205 280-1880

 The Best Western, Days Inn, Key West Inn and Holiday Inn are located at I-65 Exit 205. 

Directions to range:  From I-65 Exit 205 proceed North on US 31 West on AL 22 (US 31 and AL 22 is the same road) toward downtown Clanton.  Turn left on 4th Avenue (AL Hwy. 22) continue 5.5 miles west toward Maplesville.  The range road will be 1500 feet past mile marker 61. The range road will be on your right and will be marked with traffic cones.  Go through the gate and drive to the top of the hill.

 The Guest House Inn (Ph. 205 280-0306)

The Guest House Inn is located at I-65 Exit 208.  Directions to range From I-65 Exit 208 proceed West on Lake Mitchell road toward Clanton.  Turn right on 6th Street, travel four blocks north. Turn left on 4th Avenue, (AL Hwy. 22) continue 5.5 miles west toward Maplesville.  The range road will be 1500 feet past mile marker 61. The range road will be on your right and will be marked with traffic cones.  Go through the gate and

2013 Results. 

The Alabama NMLRA Territorial Skeet and Trap matches were held on the Charcoal Pit LLC Range in Clanton, Alabama May 2-5.  There were 25 registered shooters.  They fired  2732 targets over the four days of competition.

 The trap competitors fired their matches on Thursday May 2 and Friday May 3.  While they had some challenging wind conditions to contend with they did not have the forecast rain showers during regular competition.  Only those people involved in the shoot-offs had to fire in a little rain and that did not amount to much. 

The forecast rains arrived Friday night and dropped over two inches of rain. The rain stopped by 8:00 AM Saturday morning and by 9:00 AM the skeet competitors were shooting under clear but cold blue skies.  While the ground was wet no one had to contend with wet powder or caps.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the lunches served on the range. Even though there were a couple of shooters missing who normally attend the match, there was a new record set for the amount of catfish consumed during Saturdays lunch.  Many thanks to Yvonne Knight, Ruby Case and Linda Yeubanks who helped get the lunches ready each day and a special thank you to Jerry Knight for cooking the hush puppies for Saturdays lunch. 

The shooters dinner Saturday night can be described with  one word, “ great”.  The food was good but the fun and fellowship was just outstanding.  Joyce and I want to thank all of you that chose to attend.  You chose to spend the most precious thing you have with us, your time, and we will remember that evening for a long time.

Now for the match results: 

Trap match J33   1st Tim Taylor - 15  2nd David Yeubanks - 12   3rd James Tucker - 11

Trap match J34   1st David Yeubanks - 14  2nd Joe Brown - 10  3rd Tim Taylor – 9

Trap match J35  1st James Tucker – 8  2nd Steve Case – 8  3rd David Yeubanks – 6

Trap Aggregate:  1st David Yeubanks – 32  2nd Tim Taylor – 30 3rd James Tucker – 28

Ladies Trap Match S66  1st Sommer Tucker  - 10  2nd Linda Yeubanks – 8  3rd Yvonne Knight – 8

Ladies Trap match S67 1st Sommer Tucker – 7  2nd Linda Yeubanks – 7  3rd Yvonne Knight – 7

Ladies Trap match S68 1st Jeannine Marchesseau – 5  2nd Sommer Tucker – 3  3rd Linda Yeubanks  - 2

Ladies Trap Aggregate 1st Sommer Tucker – 20  2nd   Linda Yeubanks – 17  3rd Yvonne Knight – 16

Flintlock Trap AA 92 1st James tucker – 9  2nd Steve Case – 7   3rd Jeannine Marchesseau – 5

Flintlock Trap AA93  1st Steve Case – 7  2nd James Tucker – 5  3rd Jeannine Marchesseau – 3

Flintlock Trap Aggrregate   1st James Tucker – 14  2nd Steve Case  - 14  3rd Jeannine Marcheasseau – 8

Skeet match 132A 1st James Tucker – 23  2nd David Jones – 22  3rd Joe Brown – 21

Skeet match 132B 1st David Jones – 20 2nd Kenneth Reynolds – 19 3rd Joe Brown – 19

Skeet match 132C 1st Kenneth Reynolds – 11 2nd Sommer Tucker – 11 3rd Joe Brown – 9

Skeet match 132D 1st James Tucker – 14  2nd Joe Brown – 13  3rd Kenneth Reynolds – 13

Skeet Aggregate 1st Kenneth Reynolds – 64  2nd Joe Brown  - 62 3rd James Tucker – 61

Ladies Skeet match Z91 1st Sommer Tucker – 10  2nd Yvonne Knight – 8  3rd Linda Yeubanks  - 7

LADIE Skeet Aggregate –Same as Above (Z91)

Flintlock Skeet BB94 1st Joe Brown – 15  2nd James Tucker  - 12  3rd Steve Case – 11

Flintlock Skeet Aggregate – Same as Above (BB94

2011 Results

The 2011 Alabama Shotgun Territorial was held at the Charcoal Pit from May 5-8, 2011.There were 23 participants from 7 states in attendance at the Alabama NMLRA Territorial Trap and Skeet Tournament this year.  Over the four days of the shoot there were 2869 birds thrown for score.  The weather was perfect for the shoot with temperatures ranging from the low 70’s to the low 80’s with a light wind every day.  The meals served by the club each day were just great.  If this shoot were judged by the amount of fun and fellowship had by the participants it was a success beyond measure.

Trap winners:

Match J33 (10 yard), 1st Joe Brown 14X16, 2nd David Yeubanks 14X16, 3rd Jerry Knight 9x16

Match J34 (16 yard), 1st David Yeubanks 11X16, 2nd Joe Brown 9X16, 3rd  Jerry Knight 8X16

Match J35 (20 yard), 1st David Yeubanks 8X10, 2nd Joe Brown 7X10, 3rd Jerry Knight 5X10

Trap Aggregate:  1st David Yeubanks 33x40, 2nd Joe Brown 30X40, 3rd Jerry Knight 22X40

Ladies Trap Winners:

Match S66 (10 yard), 1st Yvonne Knight 10X16, 2nd Jeannine Marcheasseau 6X16, 3rd Linda Yeubanks 3X16

Match S67 (16 yard), 1st Yvonne Knight 7X16, 2nd Jeannine Marcheasseau 3X16, 3rd Linda Yeubanks 2X16

Match S68 (20 yard), 1st Yvonne Knight 3X16, 2nd Linda Yeubanks 3X16, 3rd Jeannine Marcheasseau 1X16

Ladies Trap Aggregate:  1st Yvonne Knight 20X40, 2nd Jeannine Marcheasseau 10X40, 3rd Linda Yeubanks 10X40

Flintlock Trap Winners:

Match AA92 (10 yard), 1st Jerry Knight 10X16, 2nd Jeannine Marcheasseau 5X16, 3rd Joe Brown 5X16

Match AA93 (16 yard), 1st Joe Brown 6X16, 2nd Jerry Knight 5X16, 3rd James Tucker 3X16

 Flintlock Aggregate, 1st Jerry Knight 15X32, 2nd Joe Brown 11X32, 3rd Jeannine Marcheasseau 8X32

Trap Re-entry (10 yard):

1st David Yeubanks 14X16, 2nd Patrick Tierney 13X16, 3rd Joe Brown 11X16

Trap Re-entry (16 yard):

1st Joe Brown 14X16, 2nd Patrick Tierney 12X16, 3rd David Yeubanks 12X16

Skeet winners:

Match 132A (25 bird) 1st Patrick Tierney 23X25, 2nd David Jones 22X25, 3rd Charles Martin 22X25

Match 132B (Low Gun) 1st James Tucker 21X25, 2nd Patrick Tierney 20X25, 3rd Joe Brown 20X25

Match 132C (Doubles) 1st Patrick Tierney 13X14, 2nd Joe Brown 13X14, 3rd James Tucker 11X14

Match 132D (Singles) 1st Joe Brown 16X16, 2nd David Jones 15X16, 3rd James Tucker 15X16

Skeet Aggregate: 1st Joe Brown 69X80, 2nd Patrick Tierney 68X80, 3rd James Tucker 68X80

Ladies Skeet Aggregate:

Match Z91 (Singles) 1st Linda Yeubanks 10X16, 2nd Dawn Stanfield 7X16, 3rd Sommer Tucker 7X16

Flintlock Skeet Aggregate:

Match BB94 (singles) 1st James Tucker 12X16, 2nd Don Holley 11X16, 3rd Joe Brown 11X16

Vintage Gun Skeet:

1st James Tucker 23X25, 2nd Joe Brown 22X25, 3rd Pat Tierney 21X25

Skeet Re-entry (singles):

1st Joe Brown 16X16, 2nd Pat Tierney 15X16, 3rd Larry Reynolds 15X16

 Skeet Re-entry (doubles):

1st James Tucker 14X14, 2nd Pat Tierney 10X14, 3rd Joe Brown 10X14 

 2010 Results

   The 2010 Alabama State Muzzle Loading Association Shotgun Championship took place November 4-7, 2010.  By all accounts it was quite a success. Here are a few trivia facts about the shoot:  There were 24 registered shooters in attendance. Six states were represented.   There were 2735 birds were thrown, a new record. The trap shooters set a new record by purchasing 53 re-entry matches.  David Yeubanks set a new record score in trap by firing a 32X40. (Way to get it done David!)  We had our first junior shotgun shooter, Shawn Martin who shot a 3X16 in the junior match.

 Don Holley, Shirley Henry, Gerald Bridges, Larry Reynolds, Charles Martin, David Jones, and Charlie Walker are truly great at lawn work.  They got the range whipped into shape the weekend before the shoot and had things looking good. 

 Larry Reynolds, Gerald Bridges and Charles Martin took turns sitting in the scoring chair and pulled birds for everyone.  They must have industrial sized bladders as they took very few breaks.

 Joyce did her usual excellent job at the registration desk.  Linda Yeubanks and Yvonne Knight even found time to help Joyce when they were not shooting.  Thanks ladies.  

 The cappers Shirley Henry had engraved for the trap and skeet champions were works of art.  I’m sure they will be treasured by their winners, Pat Tierney and David Yeubanks.

 The prize table was overflowing with things donated by the fellows mentioned above.  As usual the wooden truck Charlie

Walker provided for the prize table was the first prize chosen and was scooped up by Pat Tierney.  Don Holley’s capper fobs did not last long either. The prizes were useful and plentiful (no one left empty handed).  Thanks to all who graciously provided prizes for the shoot.

I think this shoot can be described in one word “OUTSTANDING”.    The competition was tough. The winning scores were great.  The food was delicious. The stories told were funny.  The weather was tolerable.  The fire was warm.  The “Peanut Gallery” did not get out of hand (you had to be there to understand this one).  A big “Thank You” to all who attended.

Here are the match results: 

Skeet Aggregate 1st  Pat Tierney 60X74, 2nd -   Joe Brown 60X74, 3rd -   Nick Maas 58X74

Match 1 Skeet: 1st Pat Tierney 23X25, 2nd Charles Martin 22X25, 3rd David Jones 21X25

Match 2 Low Gun Skeet:  1st Pat Tierney 21X25, 2nd Joe Brown 21X25, 3rd Larry Talley 20X25

Match 3 Doubles:  1st Nick Maas 18X24, 2nd David Jones 18X24, 3rd Joe Brown 18X24

Match 4 Skeet Singles Re-entry M/L :  1st Joe Ed McCray 15X16, 2nd Larry Hutchinson 14X16, 3rd Larry Reynolds 12X16

Match 4A Skeet Singles Re-entry Vintage:  1st Pat Tierney 15X16, 2nd Larry Reynolds 15X16, 3rd Larry Hutcherson 14X15

Match 5 Skeet Doubles Re-Entry M/L:  1st Pat Tierney 12X14, 2nd Nick Maas 11X14, 3rd Joe Ed McCray 9X14

Match 5A Skeet Doubles Re-entry Vintage: 1st Joe Brown 13X14, 2nd Joe Ed McCray 12X14, 3rd David Brown 8X14

Match 6 Larry J. Marcheseau Vintage Gun:  1st Joe Brown 24X25, 2nd Pat Tierney 21X25, 3rd Larry Hutcherson 21X25

Match 7 Ladies Skeet:  1st Linda Yeubanks 8X16, 2nd Dawn Stanfield 6X16, 3rd Yvonne Knight 5X16

Match 8 Super-Senior Skeet:  1st Pat Tierney 15X16, 2nd Nick Maas 14X16, 3rd Don Holley 14X16

Match 9 Trap re-entry: 1st Jerry Knight 15X15, 2nd Joe Brown 14X15, 3rd Pat Tierney 13X15

Match 10 Ladies Trap:  1st Yvonne knight 13X25, 2nd Linda Yeubanks 12X25

Match 11 Trap:  1st David Yeubanks 32X40, Pat Tierney 27X40, Joe Brown 26X40