2013 High Country Hideaway

    The High Country Hideaway was another success.  These pictures were taken during the Five Stand Competition.

2013 High Country Hideaway

  Here are some pictures from the 2013 Red River Renegades Shotgun Soiree.   The 2013 Shotgun Soiree was an outstanding event.   This year the Saturday night BBQ featured pork ribs and Windthorst sausage.  For those of you not familiar with Windthorst sausage, it is made by a family owned and operated business located in Northern Texas.  Both the pork ribs and the sausage where exceptional.  Included are pictures of the hand made quilt top which was auctioned off as part of the festivities.  The quilt top include a picture of every participant from the 2012 event.  Also included are several pictures from the Sporting Clays finals which took place early Sunday (April 14) morning. Rod Gates was the eventual winner of the Sporting Clays event. 

    The Shotgun Soiree is really one of the finest muzzleloading events of the year.  Plan to attend next year.

Red River Renegades April 2013

    2013 Western National Shoot.  Pictures from the Western National Shoot at the Ben Avery Range near Phoenix. 

2013 Western Nationals

    Pheasant Tune Up 2012.  High Country Game Ranch, Nisland South Dakota  (Everyone else was shooting a modern gun.  I had the camera and the only muzzzleloader.  So there are no muzzleloading guns in the pictures.  I like the pictures anyway.

Pheasant Tune Up 2012

    Here are some pictures from the 2012 High Country Hideaway

2012 High Country Hideaway

    This album contains pictures from the 2012 Western National Shoot.

2012 NMLRA Western National Shoot

    This album contains pictures from a Colorado skeet shoot in October, 2011 at the Dyer International Clay Target Complex.  The pictures were taken from inside the High House which provides an interesting perspective.

October 2011 Skeet Shoot

2011 High Country Hideaway

    This album contains photos from the 2011 High Country HIdeaway.  The event was held at the Blue Valley Sportsman's Club near Kremmling, Colorado.   Plan on joining us in mid-July next year.

CSMLA Memorial Day Shoot 2011

    This album contains pictures from the 2011 Colorado Springs Muzzleloading Association Memorial Day held each year at Florence Mountain Park near Florence, Colorado.  Despite high winds this year, a good time was had by all.  In order to encourage young shooters, each year a youth shoot is held at the event.  The winner receives a new shotgun donated by one of the club members.  

2011 Shotgun Soiree

 This album contains pictures from the 2011 Shotgun Soiree held by the Red River Renegades in Electra, Texas each spring.  This is one of the best events year.

March 2011 Colorado Traps Shoot -- Aurora Gun Club

2011 Western National Shoot

    This album contains pictures from the 2011 NMLRA Western Nation Shoot held at the Ben Avery Range near Phoenix Arizona.

South Dakota 2010

    Here are some pictures from my 2010 Trip to South Dakota. Opening weekend of Pheasant  in South Dakota is truly an experience.  After a good day of hunting, the activities include the annual pork feed in Pukwanna, South Dakota and lawn mower races.    Due to the wind, much of my shooting this year was with my Black Powder Cartridge Gun (a Damascus Barreled Remington 1900) rather than my muzzleloader. 

2010 Colorado State Trap Shoot

    Here are some pictures from the 2010 Colorado State Muzzle Loading Trap Shoot.  The event was held October 2, 1010 at the Aurora Gun Club near Denver.

Alaska 2010

    Alaska 2010 Hunt.  Here are some pictures form my 2010 hunting trip to Alaska.  Initially, we flew Northeast out of Kotebou Alaska in search of Caribou and Ptarmigan.  The weather was too warm for the Caribou and the walking was too tough for the Ptarmigan.  New we tried some Ptarmigan hunting along the Denali Highway.  Finally, we did some pheasant hunting at the Arctic Bird Dog Association's "Under Broken Wings" fundraiser disadvantaged childern.

CSMLA 2010 Memorial Day Shoot

    Colorado Springs Muzzle Loader Association 2010 Memorial Day Shoot.  The Memorial Day Shoot includes three days of muzzle loading trap events.  The shoot is held at Florence Mountain Park which is at the foot of the Wet Mountains in Southern Colorado.  The top youth shooter wins a new shotgun each year!

NMLRA Western National Shoot 2010

    The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association has muzzle loading shotgun events too!  Here are some pictures from the Trap and Skeet Competition at the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association 2010 Western National Shoot.  The Western National Shoot is held in February or March at the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona. The NMLRA is a great place to meet other muzzle loading shot gunners.

South Dakota Pheasants 2009

    Pheasants, Pheasants and more Pheasants.   2009 was another great year for pheasant hunting is South Dakota.   Getting your  limit was not a problem, even with a muzzle loader.