Like many other muzzle loading enthusiasts, I started by shooting a muzzle loading rifle in order to take advantage of the special big game seasons.  Several years ago, I bought a muzzle loading shotgun as something different to use while pheasant hunting.  I did not know anyone else who used a muzzle loading shotgun, so I relied heavily on the directions which came with the gun, a number of historic books from the mid-1850s which I found on Google Books, and lot of trial on error.  After a couple of seasons, I became fairly proficient with the muzzle loader as a pheasant hunting gun.

        During early 2010, I decided to join the NMLRA and try my hand at skeet shooting at the NMLRA Western National Shoot.  I met some great people and learned an enormous amount about using a muzzle shotgun for clay targets. 

    This web site is an outgrowth of my clay target shooting at the muzzle loading events.