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Loading A Muzzle Loading Shotgun: the Videos

posted Oct 17, 2011, 9:13 AM by Peter Lucas   [ updated Nov 14, 2011, 10:13 AM ]

While the basics are all the same, everyone has there own way of loading a muzzle loading shotgun.  Here are some videos of how a group of shooters each load their guns. These videos were taken at friendly skeet shoot held in Colorado.

    The first video is of Rady Dyer. Rady has won the NMLRA National Skeet Competition in the past.  He is shooting a Remington 3200 which has been converted to a muzzleloader.   The gun uses external percussion caps for ignition. Rady loads his gun about as fast as anyone.  As you will see, Rady use the Davis Loader for dispensing both shot and powder. 

Rady Dyer

    This is Kim Davis loading his gun.  Kim is the inventor and building of the Davis Loaders which you see in all of these videos.  Kim has won the NMLRA National Trap Championship in the past.  Kim is shooting a modern gun which he converted to a muzzleloader.  It uses 209 primers and as a result has very fast lock times.  The hotter ignition from the 209 primers allows Kim to drop down to 60 grains of black powder with a 7/8 ounce load of shot.

Kim Davis

    Here is Kim Davis loading his "Long Tom", which is 10 gauge inline shotgun based on an old Marlin Goose Gun.  Kim loads 90 grains of reenactor powder and one ounce of shot. His over the powder wads consists of one nitro card, one half cushion wad and one over shot card. 

YouTube Video

   This is Tom Hart who is both a fine gunsmith and competitive shooter.  
At the 2011 Western National Shoot, Tom won the low-gun skeet event with one of his guns.  Doc Bell won the double skeet event with one of Tom's guns and Rady Dyer won the skeet championship with a gun which has been converted to a muzzle loader by Tom.   Tom also built the side hammer muzzleloader which I use.

Tom Hart

      For comparison, this is a video me of loading the gun when using a muzzleloading shot cartridge

Muzzle Loading Shot Cartridge

    Here are some clips of people shooting American Style Trap from the 16 yard line.

    Finally, here is a collection of clips of shots taken from the first three stations on the skeet course.  Personally, I think watching other people shoot skeet is about as interesting as watching paint dry.  But someone might like these clips.

Skeet Shooting