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Colorado Muzzleloading State Trap Shoot; October 5, 2013

posted Oct 16, 2013, 3:14 PM by Peter Lucas   [ updated Oct 17, 2013, 1:15 PM ]
By Emily Hare

Watkins, CO – It was a fine autumn day at The Golden Gun Club for the Colorado State Muzzleloading Trap Shoot.  A blue sky and crisp air set the scene for a friendly competition between nine gunmen.  Great game was captured.  Justin Maddux, a novice joined in for the first time.  The former US Marine was skilled in shooting.  After breaking 18 birds out of 25 at the 10 yard line the other deemed him a fine shooter and a welcome addition to the group.  But even with experience, a gunman without a knowledgeable approach is bound to be challenged.   
 The game began at a 10 yard line.  Scoring a perfect 25, Kim Davis garnered place in first.  Dan Hart followed strong in second with 23.  And Dustin Parker, using his new 8 bore Hilliard style underhammer finished a strong third with 22.  As the shooters moved further back from the trap house, the scores began to show the distinction between the proficient and the amateur.  

    At the 16 yard line; Tom Hart broke 24 out of 25 birds with his solid stance and calm poise.  Kim Davis and Dan Hart finished with 23 birds.  During the ensuing shoot out, Kim demonstrated his accurate eye and humble confidence. After Dan missed a bird from the 22 yard line, Kim seized the moment by breaking his bird and capturing second place in the 16 yard competition. 

    At the 20 yard line Kim Davis took first place with 22 birds.   Deak Flintchbough, quick and to the point, placed for the first time in the entire competition at second with 21.  And Rady Dyer came in at third with 20. 

    Rady Dyer maintained a winning streak and took first in doubles with 17 birds; Peter Lucas got lucky and placed second with 14; and Deak Flintchbough placed third with 12.

Saturday’s game was chilly and full of quality competition.  Most of the gentleman left satisfied with their scores.
 Needless to say, The Colorado State Muzzeloading Trap Shoot stayed true to its significance – an enjoyable day at the range, complete with friends, clouds of white smoke, the sweet smell of sulfur, a moment to shine, and a man’s best friend – his gun.
A special recognition goes out to Dustin Parker for shocking us with his new 4 bore shotgun and improved scores.  However I think Kelly – his parrot – may be his good luck charm and responsible for the improvement.  Dusting should consider getting Kelly a parrot sweater.   Also thanks to Dan Hart who brought donuts.  And to Estil: You may not be the greatest shooter but you sure are a super gentleman; thanks for the fashionable warm pants – love, the scorekeeper.