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Black power smoke and flash targets

posted Sep 17, 2012, 5:48 AM by Peter Lucas   [ updated Sep 23, 2012, 7:10 AM ]
     This post is just a bit of fun.  If you watched the shotgun events at the Lomdon Olympics you noticed that the targets exploded into balls of purple smoke when hit.  The clouds of smoke are not due to the fact that the Olympic competitors are hitting the targets harder, but rather the type of targets.  They are known as "flash" targets and each target contains a small packet of colored powder.  When the target breaks, the colored powder is released, making a puff of smoke which is easily visible for the spectators. 

    The flash targets for the London Olympics were made in France.  In the United United States, flash targets are made by White Flyer and called "Orange Crushers."   Unfortunately, the White Flyer Orange Crushers are not widely available, as they are generally used only for special events.   Consequently, I made some of my own flash targets using carpenter's chalk and packing tape. All you have to do is fill the poker chip depression on the dome of the target with powdered chalk and then cover the area with packing tape.  My homemade flash targets did not look as nice as the White Flyer Orange Crushers, but they work jut fine. 

    Here is a video of the flash targets in use at the semi-regular trap shooting event at Golden Gun Club near Denver, Colorado.  The home made flash targets worked great and every one enjoyed the clouds of smoke when the target broke.  I think White Flyer could sell a lot of their Orange Crushers if they were more widely available.